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21 June- 11 July 2021



Yoga Alliance Certified
200hr Yoga Teacher

Training Course


“The spiritual path is a constant preparation to respond to your personal world & to the greater field of life with an ever-growing sense of

clarity, compassion & courage”

- Carolyn Myss


Our Ritual Embodiment 200hr Foundations Yoga Teacher Training is for anybody ready to embrace the depths of inner and outer life.

This Yoga Teacher Training is for those who are passionate about the living art of Yoga,

who want to dive deeper into the

experiential essence of this path,

and for those who aspire to teach in any form.

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training…


Beginning on the solstice,

21st June 2020, you will experience..


21 days of immersion in yoga asana, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, movementand connection in beautiful Ubud, Bali.

Immerse yourself in a journey back to the wholeness of the essential self.

This 21 day journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery is a transformative


As you deepen into your intuition, your creativity and your power…


A journey of uncovering your unique gifts & expression as a human, and a teacher.

This Yoga Teacher Training bridges the ancient science of Hatha Tantric Yoga and the modern practices of self-study and movement.

On this Ritual Embodiment

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

You will develop…


- Your authentic expression through

voice, movement and
presence as a teacher, as a human.

- The skills to create inspiring, creative and meaningful vinyasa classes from
your own embodied experience.

- Ways to provide safe and supportive space

for self-enquiry and reflection

through embodied practices.

- Communication that is articulate

and compassionate.

- Knowledge to integrate Yogic philosophy

into class settings.

- Skillful tools to guide others to

experience themselves in wholeness.

- How to access deeper sensitivity, power,

strength, stamina, mobility & grace

in your personal practice.

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum will include…


- Foundational alignment for Yoga Asana.

- Articulate and safe cueing of practices.

- Embodiment practices to deepen into the felt sense.

- History & Philosophy of Yoga.

- Foundational Anatomy & Physiology.

- Teaching Methodology, creating safe & supportive space.

- How to teach all levels.

- Creative vinyasa flow sequencing.

- Meaningful theming.

- Finding your authentic voice.

- Meditation

- Pranayama

Ritual Embodiment Teacher Training…


This 21 day intensive is a unique opportunity to immerse deeper into

yourself and activate healing, passion and purpose.

To unfold.
To metamorphosize.

To connect and lean into the support of others…as we join together, in

community, in this learning, in this remembering.

Cultivating a sense of belonging as we walk ourselves, and guide each

other back home to ourselves.

Meet your



Daniel Cuming... my journey here…

With a background in martial arts, tai chi, and high intensity interval training, I had been introduced to yoga various times as a recommendation to supplement my training. However, I only answered yoga’s call more commitedly after an ankle injury prevented me from performing much of my usual movement.

As they say; “When it rains it pours”. At an already tumultuous time in my life, losing my ability to move and exercise regularly was losing my primary form of self-therapy. I decided to seek out a yoga studio to deepen my practice, & through immersing myself in what I had intended to be a temporary way to safely exercise while injured, I gained a new perspective on movement. Gaining the ability to move much more freely & with a new found power and control. As amazing as the physical benefits were, it was the shift in consciousness that brought me to truly fall in love with yoga.

I became much more content, calm, and mindful, leading the way for me to return to my previous experience in meditation, & movement with renewed enthusiasm and clarity. Unified with my passion for philosophy and playful attitude, I now strive to bring all these aspects together into teaching.

I’ve now fused my 8+ years of experience practicing the ancient meta-physical system known as the Runes, with Tai Chi and Vinyasa Yoga to create my own unique Rune Yoga. Rune Yoga is movement with intention, anchoring the power of the Runes into the body in order to use them for purposes such as healing, habit formation, and changing our inner and outer worlds.



This Ritual Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training will be held on the isle of Bali, Land of the Gods.

An island rich in ceremony, abundant in ritual…

Bali is an incredible
place to journey with personal transformation.

We have a private Yoga Shala for practice and study you can use at anytime.

Each room is a beautful twin share.

Our gorgeous location will give you

plenty of ways to unwind and

relax between sessions.

We will all be nourished with 3 buffet meals provided daily. An array of
delicious foods, and fresh produce from around Bali, catering for many different

dietary requirements.

Meet your



Nicole Cargakis…from me about me…

I have always been drawn to movement, with an abundance of vital energy to explore and express through my body.


Since a young girl, running at full force,

to graceful curated dance, to full bodied
expressions of my emotions.


Also since a young girl, I shared a
fascination for the mystical and the esoteric with my father, deep diving
into magical conversations. These conversations continue strong,

within and without.

In 1996 I found myself at a Mysore Ashtanga practice in my hometown
of Melbourne…completely out of my familiar comfort zone,

yet so incredibly comfortable in this space that awakened a remembrance.


I heard a whisper from my bones and from my heart, “This way…..”,

and I felt a promise of something deep, something forgotten,

being rediscovered.

Pouring myself into these practices of movement, breath and stillness,
of awareness and discovery, has been quite the revelatory journey.

A journey into the layers of my heart and truth. A dance of unravelling,
discovering, remembering, recreating…

with love, patience and acceptance.

I have been blessed to study with many incredible inspiring Yoga
teachers, across lineages and influences, over the last 23 years…

as well as other studies of the

body, mind and spirit.


It is my art, my passion,
my purpose to weave together threads from mythology, yoga, other
eastern traditions, dance, art, poetry, psychology, somatic healing and
this wild human life…and to share this!!


To invite others to join me for
this experience of intimacy with their deepest layers, to surrender to
what is revealed, to gather the lost pieces of gold buried within and to
be creative in how we lovingly

show up in our lives.

Joining Ritual Embodiment

200hr YTT


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The Schedule


This is an intensive Yoga Teacher Training, with 21 days of immersion into

learning, practice and play.

Days will begin early with led meditation followed by theory, philosophy, asana, teaching practice and plenty of exploratory play that will be weaved through each day, and into the evenings, breaking for meals and intermissions throughout.

Although we have a full schedule of immersion, we have allowed time for you to relax, to explore, to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the shala…to get a massage!

Requirements for participation


If you wish to examine your life through the lens of Yoga and embodied practices…

this training is for you.

If you wish to share the teachings and practices of Yoga, of embodiment,

of self-enquiry with others…

this training is for you.

If you have completed another YTT,

and are looking to deepen into the journey through a different lens, to immerse

yourself in practice and connection…

this training is for you.

Ritual Embodiment 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for those at the beginning steps of their yoga journey…

and for those with experience looking to hone and expand their practice

and teaching skills.



you waiting for?