RuneYoga Founder

"A life of Magic like the stories that give wind a name..."


With a background in martial arts, tai chi, and high intensity interval training, I had been introduced to yoga various times as a recommendation to supplement my training. However, I only answered yoga’s call more commitedly after an ankle injury prevented me from performing much of my usual movement.



As they say; “When it rains it pours”. At an already tumultuous time in my life, losing my ability to move and exercise regularly was losing my primary form of self-therapy. I decided to seek out a yoga studio to deepen my practice, & through immersing myself in what I had intended to be a temporary way to safely exercise while injured, I gained a new perspective on movement. Gaining the ability to move much more freely & with a new found power and control.


As amazing as the physical benefits were, it was the shift in consciousness that brought me to truly fall in love with yoga. I became much more content, calm, and mindful, leading the way for me to return to my previous experience in meditation, & movement with renewed enthusiasm and clarity. Unified with my passion for philosophy and playful attitude, I now strive to bring all these aspects together into teaching.











I’ve now fused my 9+ years of experience practicing the ancient system known as The Runes with my experience in Tai Chi and Yoga, to create my own unique system of RuneYoga.

RuneYoga is movement with intention, anchoring the powerful energy of the Runes through the body in order to use them for healing, self-development, and to re-shape our inner and outer worlds.

RuneYoga bears the idea that our body is inherently magical.

We have everything we need within ourselves to create the kind of life we desire. Spirit and body are not seen as separate. We are humanly divine, and it's time we remembered that.